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Yahya Mohamed Mao
Dynamic and data-driven marketing leader. Author, Mentor & Speaker. Top 50 Global Thought Leader. See

A relatively unexplored area of combination with an enormous potential


Blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) are emerging as the leading technologies driving innovation in the industry. Technological progress brings both opportunities and challenges when it comes to achieving the goal of creating sustainable and smart cities. Driven by significant advances in information and communication technology, the Internet of Things ( IoT) has undergone notable developments in recent years, reshaping areas of human society such as finance, health care, transport, education and entertainment. The reality is that there is potential for ongoing efforts to integrate blockchain into the IoT as well.

Advanced technologies aimed at making AI a reality include machine…

The EPFL — at the heart of Health Valley

Switzerland spends a fortune on its healthcare system per capita, making it an attractive market for medical device manufacturers. Moreover, the mountainous Central European country outstrips Germany and the United Kingdom in the number of employees employed in medical technology, accounting for 28% of the total workforce. According to Switzerland Global Enterprises, Switzerland ranks ahead of Germany and the Netherlands in terms of the highest proportion of its population employed in the medtech sector (11% vs. 0.3% in Germany). There are over 900 pharmaceutical and medical technology companies, representing 40 percent of all pharmaceutical companies in the world.

More than…

Originally published on (05.08.2021)

Genuine economic diversification requires the Gulf states to create sectors, industries, and firms that have the initiative to survive and prosper on their own, rather than relying on oil or natural gas revenues.

Through innovation acceleration programs, UAE officials encourage technology companies to work with government agencies to develop not only initiatives, but also services that help draft laws and policies. Measures to encourage accountability, transparency and the fight against corruption in developing countries with commodity industries such as oil and gas will have a significant impact on the energy market. …

The COVID-19 pandemic presents us all with troublesome challenges and forces us to deal with various uncertainties — this applies privately, professionally, but also socially and economically. Marketing is not spared from this. As a result, companies must find access to their customers today and what is important in brand development must be questioned in view of the current crisis. The goal is to find suitable answers for the “new normal”.

Trends in marketing

The best thing that we can do in order to respond to the need for new marketing trends is to remain flexible and adapt to the many technological innovations…

Business intelligence tools and big data analysis algorithms can make use of limited unstructured data to improve risk understanding. With a central data repository, companies can identify potential problems, new options and relevant changes to ensure they are not vulnerable and unable to take advantage of their benefits. Today, industries are driven by big data, and skills have universal applications.

Image: Harnessing the Power of GRC Technology in the Era of COVID-19

A single point of reference ensures that employees are aware of the company’s overall GRC attitude and can integrate it into their everyday roles. GRC covers so much territory that the amount of data collected by companies is eye-catching. Given…


Some of the industries that have undergone significant positive changes with the advent of tokenization are the sports industry. If it is sufficient to represent a share of the rights in the form of an established decentralised protocol, then asset tokenisation enables investors to buy shares in a given resource. Benefits of tokenization include increased liquidity, faster settlement, lower costs, and improved risk management. Asset tokenization means that a user can trade their value in the form of cryptocurrencies in a way that can be managed through an exchange or a written contract. …


When digital is high on a company’s agenda, the CMO and CIO need to work closely together to succeed. The CMO must work with the CEO and other executives to develop a common approach to designing, building, operating and renewing customer contact points and he or she will need the input and support of the CIO to help build the digital backbone.

Delivering expectation-driven digital engagement requires leadership vision, customer insight, flexible technology, and great employee alignment across all business areas. We have found that one of the biggest obstacles to implementing an integrated digital customer strategy is not so…

By sharing information with all employees, progressive leaders strengthen collaboration and increase it. Open information ensures that ideas flow freely at all levels of the organization.

Source: Visionary Leadership with PwC

Executive development is believed to be the principal driver for delivering business results (43%) and business growth (20%). More than half of the respondents (44%) described the leadership development in their organisations as poor and more than half (54%) as ineffective. Under the new leadership paradigm, leaders are motivated to improve the well-being of people and communities in ways that transcend intrinsic value.

A majority (56%) believe that support from top management is a…

The baby boomers turn 65

“Millennials,” “Generation Z” or “digital natives”: everyone has heard these terms before; they are now part of contemporary linguistic usage. The first time such a term was used for a generation was with the so-called baby boomers.


This is the term used to describe the baby boomers who came into the world between 1946 and 1964. In this period after World War 2, prosperity prevailed in the Western world, which also ensured more offspring. The parents of the baby boomers were building a postwar Germany under extremely difficult circumstances of being war-damaged and war-forgotten. After…

Spatial commitment in relation to work has become obsolete. Measuring productivity and the quality of work is independent from the place of work. With the rise of the Internet, work can take place anywhere. All you need is an online connection and ideally a laptop to be perfectly mobile.


Until recently, companies were reluctant to give employees freedom of movement. The coronavirus just revealed what has always been possible and probably appreciated by many employees. Alvin Toffler was one of the most popular futurists of the 20th century and he noticed early on that one of the most unproductive things…

Yahya Mohamed Mao

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